Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy goals are to relieve pain, promote independence, and to develop and restore function. Missouri Home Therapy's licensed therapist will develop a specific therapy plan in conjunction with your physician to assure that your goals are met.

Therapy services include:
* Strengthening
* Gait training
* Balance training
* Ultrasound
* TENS treatment
* Hot pack
* Therapeutic massage
* ROM exercises

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy goals are to improve and restore functions of daily living that have been compromised by illness or injury.

Therapy services include:
* Activities of daily living training
* Training with adaptive equipment
* Perceptual and motor training
* Strengthening for arms and hands

Speech Therapy

Our highly trained Speech Therapists evaluate and treat speech disorders as recommended by your physician.  Goals are to promote the highest quality of communication with the following complications:
* Aphasia
* Motor speech disorders
* Voice disorders
* Alternative communications devices
* Patient and family training

Physician Services

To assist patients in controlling current or new medical conditions, MHT offers Doctor and Nurse Practitioner home visits.  Extensive medical/physical exams will be performed to diagnose and address all medical conditions. 

To assist patients with diabetes control and prevent further complications from existing diagnosis, MHT offers Diabetes Self Management Training and Annual Wellness visits by a Nurse Practitioner.

In Home Services