Q.) What are all the services that MHT offer?
A.) MHT offers physical, occupational and speech therapy along with medical evaluation services by a nurse practitioner.

Q.) Will my insurance cover the services offered at MHT?
A.) MHT presently accepts Care Improvement Plus, United Health Care, Medicare Part B, Rail Road Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We also accept private pay on a case by case basis.

Q.) How do I start my therapy service from Missouri Home Therapy?
A.) You can give our office a call and we will get the process started for you.  If you are at your doctor’s office you can have your doctor to fax a prescription for therapy to us.  Our phone number is 314-246-0137 and our fax number is 314-524-3959.

Q.) Do I need to be home bound to quality for the services offered at MHT?
A.) You do not have to be homebound to quality for services at MHT.  The services that we render are considered outpatient services.

Q.) How often can I receive therapy in my home?
A.) MHT’s therapist will determine your therapy needs by doing an initial evaluation.  Then a plan of care will be established to initiate your needed therapy services with your approval.

Q.) Do you offer any preventative care services in my home?
A.) Yes we do offer preventative care services in your home.  Some of the services that we offer are diabetes education and self - management, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure monitoring and education.  Please feel free to inquire about other services not listed.

Q.) Why should I have services such as therapy and preventative care in my home?
A.) We pride ourselves with offering you services in your home so that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.  This is for your convenience and it ultimately saves you time, money and the worry about transportation. Also your therapy will be more focused driven and functional to your home environment.  So for your convenience you can receive your services in an environment that you feel is the most comfortable and the safest.

Q.) Do you charge extra for gas to come to my home?
A.) No we do not charge extra to come see you in your home.  We bill your health insurance agency for your services needed.  We strive to limit or eliminate any out of pocket expense for you.